ACDV (Vlog)

ACDV #13 – Proaim Victor Production Cart

In this episode I show the Proaim Victor production cart from the ground up! This is a piece of equipment that has made my life a lot easier. I highly recommend anyone in the production industry to get one now! 🙂

ACDV #12 – Remote Control Cage

This week I show a unique piece of equipment that has tremendously helped my neck, shoulder and lower back pain. A remote control cage and back harness. This cage serves 2 major purposes for me. 1, the shoulder harness is a lot more comfortable than a neck strap and also holds the remote in place if I ever have to let go with both hands and 2, it has threaded holes for mounting accessories like second monitors or video transmitters. Check out all the features in this video!

ACDV #11 – IKAN BZ400 Wireless video system

Here we go through all 3 set ups we use wth the IKAN BZ400 wireless video transmission system. When you need an external monitor for your drone on set and hate being tied to an HDMI cable, The IKAN BZ400 is the perfect affordable answer! Yes, there are other more expensive options out there, but this video is about IKANS system. We love it and it works great for us!

ACDV #10 – North Texas Drone Meetup

It may have been the coldest day ever, but we fought the wind and held our North Texas Drone Meetup last week in Frisco Texas. Here is a little of what goes on! From flying to trading tips to asking questions, the NTD Meetup is for anyone interested in drones and drone enthusiasts of all levels! Watch this weeks episode and see it for yourself!

ACDV #9 – Packing the Van and Hitting the Road!

Today we pack up and head out for an out of town network film gig. Not a lot of eye candy in this video but we go over a few things on preparation for larger gigs. Where DP’s and producers don’t have time to really instruct you on what to do.

ACDV #8 – Checking Gear (Part 2 of 3)

In this weeks vlog we go over prepping equipment and making sure you have what you need for the job. Next week, we pack up and roll out!

ACDV #7 – Prepping for an Out of Town Shoot

In this weeks vlog, we show how we prep for an out of town shoot starting the minute we solidify the contract. From checking airspace to determining what equipment we will need to take. Next week, we’ll check our gear and pack it up.

ACDV #6 – The DF95 r/c Sail Boat! (What I do in my spare time)

With bad weather hampering our abilities to fly, we decided to take to the water! Here is our first voyage with the DragonFlite 95 R/C sailboat from Be sure to visit the website and order yours today! Loads of fun with very little maintenance and pretty much no set up! Turn it on, throw it in the water and GO!

ACDV #5 – The Satori Aerial CoPilot remote mount

This week we look at the Satori Aerial CoPilot remote mount for DJI Phantom/Inspire remotes. These are perfect for those automated flights that take a long time. Save your back and neck and keep an eye on your screen while mounted to a tripod. Check it out in this weeks vlog!

ACDV #4 – The Justin Laney Landing Pad!

The Justin Laney Landing Pad for Drones! Today we talk to Justin Laney about his custom designed drone launch and landing pads. These things are built to last and not as heavy as you would think. Made from aluminum with a plexiglass top, you can incorporate your own custom design! Watch this weeks vlog and see all about it! Contact Justin today for your custom landing pad!

ACDV #3 – Showing up Early to Gigs

This weeks vlog won’t compare to last weeks flying inside an airport, but this is just a small glimpse into one of my daily routines while flying for clients. The van wash, the drive, the wait and check emails and the shoot! We hope to have something a little more exciting for you next week. Enjoy!!!

ACDV #2 – Flying a drone INSIDE DFW International Airport! What it took…

This weeks vlog highlights our drone flights inside DFW airport! Big thanks to Carolina Dronz for always being there for our drone needs, FireHouse Technology LLC for the ARC LED strobe lights, Darby Media for the BTS footage and Scott Dodson for wrangling the tether and his Visual Observer duties! – All your drone needs – ARC strobe lights

ACDV #1 – Episode 1! Here’s a close look at my “drone mobile”

Todays first VLOG episode gives you an inside look at the drone mobile Ford Transit Connect!!! I will be releasing vlogs every 2 weeks on Wednesdays most likely. Enjoy!!! Special thanks to Carolina Dronz, Darby Media, Satori Aerial and Sunkist!