Sparky's Video Productions

Professional Aerial Cinematography

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Sparky Sorenson

FAA Certified Remote Pilot/Video Production

With over 9 years of UAS piloting/aerial cinematography, Sparky Sorenson brings experience, professionalism and an impeccable safety record to your project. Sparky has provided aerial footage for thousands of clients from all over the world including NBC Dateline, the BBC, Fox Sports Southwest and Netflix documentaries making him one of the leading aerial cinematographers in Texas. SVP strictly adheres to all FAA, state and local regulations. Safety is and always will be our #1 priority.

SVP maintains a fleet of industry leading drones capable of 4K to 8K footage in ProRes and Cinema DNG formats with our Inspire 2’s and the ALL NEW INSPIRE 3 with X9 Air,  and X7 cameras including a full selection of lenses. With dual operator capabilities (camera operator and/or focus puller), wireless communications systems for pilot, camera operator and Director/DP, SVP arrives in a fully loaded production van complete with all the support equipment necessary for a smooth day of filming including back ups for almost every piece of gear on set. All of our aircraft carry $5,000,000 UAS liability policies and we can add any necessary entities as additionally insured. We are also FAA Part 107 certified of course!

Equipment List – Ground and Air



(1) DJI Inspire 3, 6 pairs of batteries (dual ops)

(1) DJI X9 Air camera with 18mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm lenses

(2) DJI Inspire 2’s, 9 pairs of batteries (dual ops)

     *ProRes/ProRes RAW and Cinema DNG licenses for up to 8K  formats.

(2) DJI X7 cameras with 9mm, 16mm , 25mm, 35mm and 50mm lenses and full ND kit

(1) DJI X5s cameras with/15, 25 and 45mm lenses (ND filters)

(2) Cendence remotes

(3) Remotes, dual ops pilot/camera operator/focus puller

(2) Crystal Sky monitor2 (4 batteries), 2 iPad minis

(2) DJI Avata FPV drones with GoPro mounts

(6) Avata batteries, 4 goggles batteries, wireless monitor for real time client viewing

(2) GoPro Hero 11 cameras (1 mini)

(2) DJI Phantom 4 Pro V.2 UAVs – 16 batteries

(1) DJI TB Charging station for Inspire 2 batteries

(4) Hollyland C1 wireless headset comms units for Pilot, Camera Operator, DP/Director and or Visual Observer

-Production Cameras:

(2) Sony FS5 bodies (4K)

 – 16mm, 30mm, 50mm and 85mm Rokinon CineDS lenses

(1) Canon C100

(1) Canon XF105 (1080)

(2) Wireless focus pull systems

-Production/Grip Equipment:

(1) 24′ Jib w/ fully motorized head (12′, 16′, 20′, 24′ configurations)

(1) DJI Ronin M

(1) Steadicam vest

(1) Easy Rig

(1) 5′ Dana Dolly system

(1) iPad Teleprompter kit

(2) large LED panel lights (w/gels – all colors)

(4) small LED panels lights

(1) 6’x4′ Diffuser/silk

(3) 30×36″ 4 in 1 diffusers, neg fill, bounce

(6) C-Stands (2 short)

(6) Light stands

(4) Sandbags

(1) Generator for onsite charging

(3) 36″ Production cart

(2) Hollyland MARS400 HDMI/SDI wireless transmission systems

(4) Wireless Director’s Monitors – 1 – 7″ hand held, 2 – 10″ monitors, 1 – 17″ monitor

(6) Walkie Talkies with shoulder mics and earpieces